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Heavy Cleaning Cloths 10Kg Bag


Please see CLO 930 SWEATSHIRT RAGS for alternative

Coloured Heavy Duty Wiper made from Thick weaved Cotton
Ideal for wiping and cleaning viscous liquids quickly
100% Cotton
Ideal for engineers
Cleaning Cloths are Free from buttons, zips
Contains Hemmed lining

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Heavy Cleaning Cloths Features

  • Heavy Cleaning Cloths are soft and made from Thick weaved Cotton100% Cotton
  • Heavy Cleaning Cloths are pre-cut into squares suitable for Wiping Cloths size
  • Very Good Absorbency
  • Contains a hemmed lining around the cloth
  • No Zips or Buttons

Heavy Cleaning Cloths Applications

  • Where absorbency is highly important
  • Perfect for high maintenance tasks cleaning thick viscous liquids
  • Wiping Glues, Paints and Resins
  • General Cleaning Cloths
  • Wiping, Drying and cleaning hands and parts

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Weight 10kg