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White Polishing Cloths 1Kg Bag

The BEST cleaning cloths money can buy
Super Soft Hosiery Wiping Cloth
Good Absorbency White Cloths
100% Cotton
Free from buttons, zips and stitching

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White Polishing Cloths 1Kg Bag

Our soft beautiful White Polishing Cloths are made from 100% cotton to provide the finest of Polishing Cloths or Cleaning cloths.

Ideal for applications where solvents are used of colour fasting chemicals as there is no colour to bleed out onto the surface application.

Cleaning Cloths Features

Beautiful Super Soft White Hosiery Cleaning Cloths
100% Cotton
Cloth is pre-cut to adequate Cleaning Cloths size
Good Absorbency
No stitching
No Zips
No Buttons
No Marks

Cleaning Cloths Applications

Perfect as a Polishing cloth or a Cleaning Cloths, or delicate jobs. Suitable for Automotive, Marine and Aviation.

Importer Pricing

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Weight 1kg