Beaded Hand Soap Dispenser (2ltr)

Refill Soap Container
Powerful pump for use with solvents
Easy fill
Pop lid open via key and top up with your soap of choice
Controls usage of soap, reducing cost over lifetime
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Beaded Hand Soap Dispenser (2ltr)

Our Beaded Hand Soap Dispenser is constructed from High impact ABS, which is resilient and tough! Reducing the possibility of cracks or breakages through knocks and shunts.

Contains a refillable pouch with a 2 litre capacity, which is suitable for use with our Lime Beaded Hand Cleaner. Can also be used with our Pink Pearlised hand cleaner if you are just after a liquid soap. But for this we would recommend our regular 900ml hand soap dispenser.

The powerful controlled pump dispenses 2 ml per action, which reduces the cost in use by ensuring any waste and miss-use is kept to a minimum.

Special key system prevents theft and only authorised personal being able to refill the dispenser.

Classic Blue tinted window pane allows viewing of the remaining hand cleaner left in the Beaded Hand Soap Dispenser.

Beaded Hand Soap Dispenser Dimensions

250mm x 115mm x 115mm
Weight 0.6kg, Dimensions 115 x 115 x 250cm