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Traffic Film Remover, Super (25ltr)

Highly Concentrated
Powerful Cleaning Action
Removes Traffic Film, Mud and general dirt from Vehicle Body Panels
Extemely popular with Valetors and Professional Vehicle Washers

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Traffic Film Remover, Super (25ltr)

Traffic Film Remover or TFR is CleanSafe's own special formula, extremely powerful and highly concentrated solution for rapid cleaning of dirt, grime and muck from bodywork with ease.

If using a pump syphon, spray the solution onto the vehicle diluting at 2-4% at the nozzle end. Leave the solution to work and lift off residues from the paintwork, then simply hose or spray down with clean water to rinse the solution away.

Once rinsed and dried, paintwork is left with a polished / waxed look.

Can be used by hand washing bodywork with a sponge, in this case apply one to two cap fulls of solution per 15ltr Bucket.

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Traffic Film Remover

Super Safety. Its recommended that if using this product on a regular basis that protective nitrile disposable gloves are worn.

Do not allow solution to dry out in the sun as this will leave “white streaks”, keep moist or in a shaded area.

This is a non caustic based product, friendly on paintwork for repeated use.

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Weight 27.5kg