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Mop Head, Plastic Socket

Flexible and absorbent Mop Heads
Cotton Thread
Available in different Colours assigned to Sanitised Locations

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Socket Mop Head

Constructed from multiple 12oz Cotton tightly wound together. Socket Mop Heads are absorbent and provide a mild agitation to the floor surface to help uplift and remove any soilings.

Socket Mop Heads are designed with a plastic contoured push fitting. This allows for the wooden handle to easily fit into the mop head and for easy replacing of mop heads once finished.

As part of a serious Cleaning Tools Kit, Socket Mop Heads are well recommended within the Industry as being value Mop Heads.

For maximum Cleaning results, use with one of our Yellow Floor Cleaners.

Socket Mop Head Colour Options

Yellow CTE 217
Red CTE 236
Blue CTE 237
Green CTE 238
Weight 0.3kg