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Thick Bleach 5ltr

Used for disinfecting and cleaning contaminated areas
Thicker than regular Bleach, lasts longer and goes further
Kills most germs across multiple surfaces.
Suitable for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms and preperation areas

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Thick Bleach 5 ltr

Thick Bleach 5ltr is Chlorine with an added detergent and thickening agent which acts as a Disinfectant helping to keep lavatories, sinks and drains clear of bad odours, waste matter and bacteria.

Suitable for a variety of applications such as Cleaning down hard surfaces and soaking cloths and mops. Ideal for use in washrooms, toilets and kitchens.

Formulated with the strength for Commercial Use, however is suitable for home use, please read application instructions.

Own Label available

Own Label available on Thick Bleach and all Cleaning Supplies, please Contact Us. Manufacturer of Cleaning Supplies.
Weight 5.2kg