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3M 8822 Dust Mask (10 pack)


Protection against moderate levels of fine dusts and mists.

3M Cool Flow valve reduces heat build up
Reliable, effective protection against fine particulates.
Durable collapse resistant inner shell.
Excellent fit over a wide range of face sizes
Twin-strap design.
light weight off-the-face design.

Standard: EN149:2001 FFP2
Approval: CE Marked
Maximum use level: Assigned Protection Factor: 10 x WEL (Nominal Protection Factor 12 x WEL)

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3M 8822 Dust Mask (10 pack)

The 3M 8822 Particulate Respirator provides lightweight comfort and effective respiratory protection against dust and mists.

Exceptionally comfortable in use is down to the convex shape of the 3M 8822 in combination with its twin strap design and adjustable nose foam clip. This ensures a comfortable fit across a range of different face shapes.

3M 8822 conforms to FFP2, which is recognised as giving effective protection against fine particles and mist. Durable, collapse resistant inner shell.

Comes with the 3M Cool Flow Valve, which reduces heat build up offering users comfortable protection even in hot and humid conditions
The 3M 8822 can be used with ancillary protection and PPE Supplies such as face protection and hearing protection without interference.
Weight 0.2kg