3M 8810 Dust Mask (20 pack)


Protection against moderate levels of fine dusts and mists.
Reliable, effective protection against fine particulates
Durable collapse resistant inner shell
Excellent fit over a wide range of face sizes provided by convex shape, nose clip and twin-strap design
Comfortable, lightweight off-the-face design
Standard: EN149:2001 FFP2
Approval: CE Marked
Maximum use level: Assigned Protection Factor: 10 x WEL (Nominal Protection Factor 12 x WEL)

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3M 8810 Dust Mask (20 pack)

3M 8810 is a classic professional Dust Mask. Cup-shaped to prevent the mask collapsing in on itself with cool flow technology, a breathable non woven fabric that reduces heat build up when in use.

The 3M 8810 offers a cost effective unvalved Dust Mask with for effective protection against dust and mist.

A bendable metal nose clip attached to the mask adapts to different face shapes ensuring a uniform and comfortable fit for the user.

Provides respiratory protection against moderate levels of fine dusts and mists.
Offers FFP2 protection level and is Assigned Protection Factor: 10.

The 3M 8810 can be used with ancillary protection and PPE Supplies such as face protection and hearing protection without interference.
Weight 0.3kg