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3M 1130 Corded Earplugs (box of 100)

Conforms to EN 352-2 H=31 M=27 L=24 SNR=31.
Soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam
Smooth, dirt resistant surface offers maximum wearer comfort.
Tapered design fits most ear canals,

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3M 1130 Corded Earplugs (box of 100)

3M 1130 Corded Earplugs are made from a unique soft hypoallergenic foam formulation that reduces pressure in the ear canal ensuring a comfortable fit in both large and the smaller, narrower ear canals.
Corded to prevent accidental loss or misplacement of the 3M 1130
Helps companies comply with Health & Safety legislation at Work Regulations 1999 by providing the correct PPE Supplies in the work place.
Ideal for many industries such as the automotive, textile, metal, transport, printing, woodworking, stone, glass, concrete and pharmaceutical industries.

3M 1130 Corded Earplugs Spec

Class 4 22 dB
Weight 0.3kg